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A full list of Bulgaria Airports. If you are planning an international flight into Bulgaria odds are you’ll be flying into Sofia airport. So let’s start with that.

Sofia Airport

Sofia Airport has IATA designation SOF and the ICAO designation LBSF. It is the largest airport in Bulgaria and handles almost all the international traffic into the country.

Sofia airport features two terminals. Terminal 1, having been build in the 1930s. Now undergoing renovations to keep it up-to-date. It is used exclusively to handle charter and low-cost flights arriving and departing from Sofia Airport.

Terminal 2 was a massive project that in part funded by the EU and is the much larger of the two terminals and handles all regular and luxury flights that go through the airport. 

When you look at the traffic of Sofia airport it tells the story of the growing usage of Bulgaria airports. In the past two years, nearly 13 million people have used Sofia airport to handle their travel needs.

Since 2014 the number of customers has increased by a minimum of 7% each year including massive jumps of over 20% in 2016 and 30% in 2017.

Bulgaria is becoming more and more a hub of commerce and tourism in eastern Europe and the flight logs prove it. 

Sofia airport currently offers 49 fights a week to England and over 30 flights a week to Germany and Austria.

Sofia Airport can get you to just about any major city in Europe from Moscow to Paris and all points in between.

They also offer 16 flights a week to Israel if you are looking to visit the Middle East. 

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Burgas Airport

Burgas Airport is located near the city of Sarafovo which is near the Black Sea.

Given its close proximity to the Bulgarian coast, Burgas Airport is used by many tourists seeking to visit the booming tourist attractions in the area.

Due to the growing tourism industry in this area of Bulgaria. This airport has seen many renovations and expansions, to be able to accommodate the large numbers of people visiting the country.

Much like the other Bulgaria airports Burgas has seen rapidly increasing traffic over the last few years. Now nearing 4 million passengers on its planes a year.

The airport has one terminal which is designated Terminal 2. It replaced Terminal 1 in 2013 and now handles all traffic within the airport. 

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Varna Airport

Varna Airport is another one of the Bulgarian airports that is located near the Bulgarian coast.

Varna Airport is named after the city of Varna. Known as the maritime capital of Bulgaria. This airport has also enjoyed rapid growth as a result of the booming tourism industry in the nation.

Varna is a city full of resorts and entertainment and draws plenty of people from all around the world to pay it a visit.

Like Burgas Airport, Varna has only a single terminal which is also designated as Terminal 2. Terminal 2 at Varna began operations in 2013 and the airport can handle nearly two million travellers a year.

In 2016 the airport experienced a massive uptick in international travellers. Increasing the number of visitors to the airport by over twenty per cent. 

Varna airport was the scene of one of the strangest incidents that have happened at one of the Bulgaria airports. A German tourist left the airport and vanished into the woods near-by never to be seen again.

Lars Mittank claimed he was being stalked by strangers. And, was caught on security cameras at the airport climbing a security fence before going off-camera and becoming one of the great mysteries of our time. 

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Plovdiv Airport

Plovdiv Airport is located far inland near the city of Plovdiv and is a smaller one of the Bulgarian airports. Mostly used for tourism that comes from the robust skiing industry located in nearby cities.

The main traffic of the airport is charter flights from Russia and England. The Plovdiv Airport is also used for emergencies involving planes that need to be re-routed from Sofia airport. 

In recent years the Plovdiv has seen increased traffic as its sister airports have. In 2017 it had over twenty per cent more traffic than it did the previous year. 

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In Summary

With the economy of Bulgaria growing and the nation becoming a rising power in eastern Europe. It’s no surprise that Bulgaria airports are all state of the air high-quality airports.

Each of which can handle massive amounts of customers and give their passengers safe, on-time flights without disruptions or distractions.

No matter if you want to experience. Sun and seafood on the coast of the Black Sea or hit the slopes in the middle of Bulgaria. You’ll be able to find an airport that will suit your needs. And, get you where you want to go without any problems.