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The history of Nessebar Bulgaria spans over three thousand years. It was a part of the Greek empire for hundreds of years before being taken over by the Roman Empire.

Even under Roman rule, the city managed to enjoy a degree of autonomy not normally shown to cities under Roman rule and was allowed to continue to make their own coins for local currency.

After being part of the border of the Eastern Roman Empire for centuries before it became conquered and reconquered by the Bulgars and the Byzantines before it fell under the control of the Ottoman Empire in the 1400s.

When Bulgaria won its freedom from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 that was the beginning of the modern Bulgarian state we know today and the home of present-day Nessebar. 

Nessebar Bulgaria Sight Seeing

Given the abundance of historical buildings in Nessebar Bulgaria, there are all sorts of places to visit for those who enjoy history and seeing different cultures and how they have all merged together in one location here in Nessebar.

You can visit Old Town and see the beginning of modern Nessebar as the new houses built by the prosperous citizens of the city who could finally afford homes of their own.

These buildings date back to the 1700s and show a time in history when people were finally able to begin building a future for themselves and their children rather than being serfs to those who ruled them.

You can visit the outskirts of the city and see the centuries of different fortifications that were used by the various empires in their attempts to protect Nessebar from invasion.

Walls and towers that date back hundreds of years cover the outer reaches of a city that was on the very edge of empires throughout the centuries. 

The endless beaches and museums of Nessebar Bulgaria will give you places to relax and places to learn about the incredible history of this ancient city.

If you’re not up for getting a tan after your trip to the museum you can tour the many different churches located in the city.

Many of these amazing buildings have been preserved for centuries and show the enduring nature of man’s faith. 


The main industries in Nessebar are tourism and hospitality.

The ancient city is still relatively small with a population of under 12,000 people and so most of the workforce in the city is dedicated to helping tourists see the history of this ancient city and helping them explore the beaches off The Black Sea.

The modern part of Nessebar has plenty of high-quality hotels and restaurants that give people plenty of options for having a great night on the town and plenty of good places to eat.

Nessebar Bulgaria is a city that is proud of Its history and wants to show you a good time while educating you about all the incredible things that have happened in this city over the thousand-plus years since it’s founding as a Greek colony. 


Being a seaport off the Black Sea you can rest assured that Nessebar Bulgaria is full of options for you to get fresh seafood prepared for you by expert chefs.

The city has plenty of quality restaurants that will be more than happy to spoil you with the freshest seafood you’ve ever had.

Salmon, bluefish, calamari, and plenty of other options for you to choose from when it comes to seafood and fresh lamb and other meats are here for you to enjoy. 

From the high-quality food and gorgeous views of the Old Sailor to the fantastic staff and delicious homemade lemonade at the at Kristal and all the other highly reviewed and respected restaurants in the area you are sure to find the one that’ll have the perfect meal waiting for you.

The legendary service in Nessebar shines through in all the city’s fine eateries. 

Summary of Nessebar Bulgaria

Nessebar Bulgaria is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in the world.

This small city is a jewel just waiting to be discovered by visitors who want to see European history in its purest form.

From the centuries-old churches and museums that chronical the incredible story of this city to the beaches that offer you fantastic views of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets you’ll find anything you’re looking for when you decide to pay this historic city a visit.

Nessebar is here to welcome you with open arms and show you a great time while also giving you a look into the past of civilization itself.

Discover the rich history of empires that Nessebar has been a part of for the millennia it’s existed and see how the centuries have changed this incredible city.

If you want to feel like you are living in a historical moment you owe it to yourself to visit Nessebar and experience it for yourself.