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Travel Guide to Yambol Bulgaria

Coming from the remote past; going to the future is often touted to be Yambol’s motto. Built along both banks of the Tundja River, the town sprang from the ruins of a Roman fortress. There are many impressive sites in the town ranging from the Saint George Church to Roman Baths.

With the country of Turkey to the south, the blend of cultures in Yambol is quite apparent. Yambol is an area that tourists love visiting again and again.

  • Province: Yambol
  • Population: 85.966 (Year 2005)
  • Altitude: 144 Metres
  • Postcode: 8600
  • Area Code: 046
  • Geographic Coordinates: 42° 28′ North, 26° 30′ East

Archaeological discoveries help date Yambol back to 6,000 B.C. Though not much is known about this time, there is proof that the area was inhabited then. The Thracian settlement known as Kabile is in Yambol. This nature preserve is believed to be the region’s most prosperous political, economic, and religious center from B.C.

Real evidence of the city’s beginnings comes when Roman Emperor Diocletian built his fortress/castle called Diospolis. Yambol sprang from the castle’s ruins.

Sight Seeing

Many restored historical sites in Yambol are open to visitors. The Esky Djamia Mosque and Bezisten, a covered bazaar restored in the 1970s, are two of them.

Saint Georgi Church dates back to the 18th century. The architecture, especially the iconostasis, is not to be missed!

Art enthusiasts will want to visit the Paparov Art Gallery. Many impressive paintings, sculptures, and other works of art are on display and for sale.

Kabile is an ancient Thracian settlement that is open to the public. This is a natural preserve, so respect common rules when visiting the area. The city hopes to begin an extensive restoration project on Kabile soon.

In addition, be sure you visit the ruins of a medieval castle when you are in Yambol. Local tourist offices will be able to give you additional details into the opening hours.


Merkuri Hotel is a small, family-owned hotel. Five double rooms, three twin rooms, and two suites make up the available accommodation. The room rate includes breakfast, but lunch and dinner will need to be found elsewhere in the city, as the hotel does not have a restaurant.

Sitting on a small hill on the lines of Yambol city, Hotel Borovetz is a medium-sized establishment with a hotel restaurant and bar on the premises. An elaborate garden provides a soothing area for weary travelers.


Yambol’s excellent soil conditions and temperate climate allow many crops to thrive. For this reason, the tobacco industry has a large plant in the area called Yambol Bulgartabasc JSC. This is only one of many large industries, however.

Four key industries (tobacco, chemical, food/wine, and machinery) can be found within Yambol. Chemistry plants ship many items to twenty-five other countries. The largest chemical processing plant in Yambol is Yambolen JSC, which produces inorganic salts, polyester fibers, and textiles. Food and wine is another contributor to the area’s economy. Yagoda processes raw meats. Mesokombinat produces milk. Finally, Kabile creates some of the region’s best wines. Machine production plants, Sila, HES, and Kalibrovani Izdelia, help produce both the machinery used on Bulgarian farms and the equipment/parts needed to repair older machinery.


With 150 seats, the Borovetz Park Restaurant offers traditional Bulgarian fare and grilled fish or chicken entrees. Meals are well priced and satisfying. Borovetz Park Restaurant is a favorite establishment for local wedding receptions due to the tasty cuisine and attractive decor.

Many small catering companies house small buildings in which you can sit and dine on their specialties. Many of the restaurants in the area offer decent meals, but they are usually attached to one of the area hotels. Hotel restaurants tend to be higher priced. If you can stick to eating at cafes and catering companies, you’ll find it easier on your budget.


Yambol offers little for those wanting to get out and dance. There are a few bars in the area, but the majority will want to head to other areas.

The Borovetz Night Bar is a small, trendy establishment with a nicely arranged bar and dance floor. Hotel guests can relax and unwind while visiting with the locals.


With many area landmarks, including Kabile, on the slate for renovations, tourists are guaranteed that Yambol will give them a warm welcome. Yambol yearns to share its history with all who come to the city. Add Yambol to your itinerary today and take in some of histories greatest exhibits.