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Skiing in Bulgaria

Skiing in Bulgaria

Perfect Skiing in the Bulgarian Mountains

Lots of information about skiing at Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo in Bulgaria, which are the top resorts, plus, discount ski packages.

There are many famous ski slopes all over the world where ski lovers can enjoy the most modern facilities and make contact with nature, at the same time. What would take them to Bulgarian ski resorts? Is there anything they can find here they cannot find elsewhere?

One of its distinctive features is that Bulgaria’s biodiversity is great and it is concentrated in a relatively small area, that nestles many plants and animals that are on the verge of extinction. The well-preserved ecosystems, the incredibly wild nature, and Bulgaria’s heritage are the added values that catch the attention of tourists from distant parts of the world.

Although there are a number of interesting places to visit in Bulgaria, ski slopes are favorite because they have been preserved from the onslaught of civilization, but provide the guest with all the necessary modern facilities.

There are three main focuses for skiers in Bulgaria – Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo and some smaller resorts having skiing or boarding facilities. Of course, these smaller locations are much different and quieter, but they are excellent for winter sports in their own right.

Bansko Skiing Resorts

Advertisers announce Bansko as the “newest Bulgarian winter resort” because it has been, to a certain extent, recently discovered by foreign travelers who love it because of the exact mix between the charm of a Bulgarian small town and the stunning and untouched nature of the Pirin Mountain.

It is located 160km far from Sofia, the capital city, in the Southern East area of Bulgaria, at the foothills of the Pirin, a national preserve in the World Natural Heritage list.

Although the natural slopes of Bansko are millions of years old, it is true that it is the newest winter resort. Recently, investors have spent millions of euros creating a new ski resort. No doubt it was worth the investment because Bansko has the greatest snow accumulation and the longest ski season (15 Dec – 15 May) of all Bulgarian ski resorts.

Bansko is known as the ski resort with the best hotels in the country. To keep up with this reputation, many facilities were built in a new resort area with super luxury hotels and holiday apartments. This area is being developed just opposite the gondola.

Although the Pirin Mountain has three really high peaks, the slopes offer trails for all levels of skiers and are well-groomed. The town attracts visitors by its 120 cultural and historic buildings, its museums, and the Bansko School of Art.

Borovets Skiing Resorts

Located at 1350m above the sea level in the Northern area of the Rila Mountain. The town is at the foot of the peak Moussala, 2925 m height, at 73 km far from Sofia and 126 km from Plovdiv, and at 10 km from the town of Samokov. Surrounded by old pinewoods, it is the biggest and oldest mountain resort in the country, where the world skiing elite has always gathered.

At the beginning of the XIX century, Borovets was a hunting village for the Bulgarian kings, but gradually became a high-class ski resort, plenty of leisure time and entertainment opportunities, haute-cuisine restaurants, and luxury hotels.

There are ski runs with several difficulty levels ranging from beginners to expert skiers, kept in excellent conditions and offering multilingual signs. The ski season runs from April to December, but the pollution-free air and the crystal clear sky can be enjoyed all year round.

There is an internationally famous ski school, with 200 instructors fluent in many languages for classes for all levels., ski and snowboard rental services around the Gondola lift station. Being the top ski resort in the country, it is advisable to make reservations both in the ski school and in the hotels nearby well in advance, which may also allow for getting good prices.

Pamporovo Skiing Resorts

This modern resort is the most southern skiing resort in Europe, it is located on Rhodopi Mountain, on peak Snejanka at 1650 m above sea level, 85 km far from Plovdiv an ancient Tracian village -, and 240 km from Sofia.

Not only do the hotels in the area offer comfortable facilities for ski lovers, but also for those who want a healthy holiday in the unpolluted mountain air. For example, the Perelik Hotel offers several methods of physiotherapy, kinesitherapy and a variety of equipment for hydrotherapy such as underwater exercises, indoor pool, and sauna.

Pamporovo’s exclusive climate features soft winters and about 120 sunny days in ski season. Thanks to the influence of The Aegean Sea, ski activities can be performed from December to April. The average temperature in winter is – 3° C.

Ski experts usually choose the Giant Slalom run, but there are some others, round with some summits, ideal for beginners. All runs are safeguarded and maintained in excellent condition.

There are good restaurant facilities in the area, and they are all different they all have a unique style and atmosphere. Nevertheless, the staff in most places are very helpful and friendly. English and some other popular languages are spoken to cater to the tourist’s needs.

The traveler can enjoy both local and imported alcoholic beverages – beers and wines are available at reasonable prices, and some bars often have “Happy hours”.

Apart from the three main ski resorts described above, there are many other smaller resorts such as Semkovo, 17 kilometers far from the town of Belitsa among spruce and pine-tree forests and offering excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism or Vitosha, the highest ski resort in Bulgaria, also good for trekking and rock climbing in summer, at 1800 m above sea level, only at 10 km far from Sofia.

In view of the excellent unpolluted landscapes, the excellent weather and the modern ski facilities of Bulgarian winter sport and ski resorts, the country has all that is necessary to become the favorite ski location in Europe, and its nationals are on their way, working to get closer and closer to this aim.