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Targovishte, Bulgaria

Targovishte, Bulgaria

Travel Guide to Targovishte Bulgaria

Targovishte is located in central/southeast Bulgaria. This city is located in the plains below the Danube River. Thanks to its close proximity to Varna and Russe, the area receives plenty of traffic as main throughways cross through the city.

The rich soil in the Danube valley creates splendid conditions for growing grapes. Targovishte province is one of Bulgaria’s largest wine-producing regions. If you visit, you cannot miss the opportunity to sample some of the locally made wines.

  • Province: Targovishte
  • Population: 40, 775 (Year 2005)
  • Altitude: 170 Metres
  • Postcode: 7700
  • Area Code: 0601
  • Geographic Coordinates: 43° 25′ North, 26° 58′ East

Archaeologists have found remnants of artifacts that suggest Targovishte was occupied as early as five B.C. Remains of a Thracian settlement are located in the area and date back to late five B.C. and early four B.C. The next step in history takes researchers forward to the fifth century thanks to the remains of a Roman fortress. A fortress dating back to the sixth century offers proof that the Byzantine armies were based in the area.

There is no official documentation, however, until 1573, when Targovishte is listed as Eski Dzhumaya in Ottoman tax ledgers. The additional proof appears in 1658 when the city became an administrative area for local military and held one of Europe’s most famous handcrafted product fairs. It was during this fair that people from Asia, Russia, England, Germany, and Austria all came to town to sell their wares.

During the Revival, it remained a hot area for craft fairs. The city thrived until the late 1800s when the Liberation began. Bulgarian troops fought endlessly to keep control of their area and met with success in 1878. The town continued to prosper and the commercial industry began moving into the area. It was not until 1934 that the town earned its final name – Targovishte. Two decades later, Targovishte became the capital city of the Targovishte province.

Sight Seeing

Targovishte has two main theatres. The Open-Air Drama Theatre holds over 500 people. The Puppet Theatre offers 125 seats. Many Bulgarian artists take part in the wide array of shows held throughout the year. A local brass band and a women’s choir both hold regular performances.

The Nikola Marinov Art Gallery features the works of the Targovishte painter. There are more than 1,700 paintings, 700 sketches, and 12 sculptures on display in a 3,000 square meter exhibition hall.

The Targovishte Historical Museum offers more than 25,000 different artifacts demonstrating the history upon which the area is based. Three important buildings house the exhibits. Saint Sedmochislenitsi’s School holds the majority of the general history. Hadzhi Rusi houses the historical artifacts. Finally, Hadzhiangelov’s House houses the ethnographic history.

Nicola Kuruto’s House (a color bearer for the Bulgarian National Revival army) is open to the public and offers history into this era in time, as well as Nicola Kuruto who was born in the town.

Hunters will delight in the 300 hectares of land that are teeming with rare wildlife throughout the dense forests.

Varosh is the city’s old town. Here many churches and ancient buildings are scattered throughout the area. Be sure to stroll through Varosh and take in some of the impressive architecture.


The White Horse & Paradise is located five kilometers outside of the city lines away from street noise and city traffic. The White Horse offers eight double rooms with telephones, satellite television, air conditioning, and minibars. A handful of suites offer larger living quarters and a separate bedroom. The amenities in the suites remain the same as for the double rooms. In the adjacent Paradise, fourteen double rooms offer satellite television, 24-hour room service, telephones, and minibars. An additional seven deluxe rooms add air conditioning to the amenities. There are two seasonal tennis courts and an in-ground swimming pool.

Lyulkia offers thirty campsites to less demanding travelers. If you can handle sleeping in your tent, rates at Lyulkia are extremely inexpensive. The campsite is located near the river.

There are a number of establishments located in the city center. Hotel Belia Lav offers seven double rooms, each with a private bathroom. Hotel Borovets is a hostel with 21 beds and a shared bathroom on each floor. At the Hotel Miziya, there are 5 single rooms, 11 double rooms, and 3 suites equipped with private baths, telephones, and satellite televisions. Hotel Tera Europe is one of the area’s largest establishments. There are over 50 rooms and the hotel caters well to business travelers.


More than 50% of Targovishte’s economy is based mainly on food and tobacco production. The Targovishte Bottling Company (soft drinks), LVK Vinprom (wines), SLTD Targovishte (grains), and Morela (fruits) are the areas largest plants providing the surrounding area residents with good job opportunities. The remaining industries range from car repair shops, sewing industries, woodworking, and production of electrical equipment.


Located within Targovishte, Tauri Wine International produces some of Bulgaria’s best wine. The winery’s staff dedicates themselves to creating old-fashioned, delicious wines. The Romans brought wine to Bulgaria, and the winemakers still utilize the same care when producing today’s Tauri wines. They go to the best vineyards sampling grapes along the way and then pick which vineyard will produce their wines. Quality is assured. No trip to Targovishte is complete without sampling some of the incredible Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Sauvignon Blanc.

There are many suitable Bulgarian restaurants in Targovishte. Try dining at the White Horse Restaurant where local fare and European dishes are blended with skill. There are several small taverns serving authentic Bulgarian that should not be overlooked. Meals are usually extremely inexpensive and very filling.


With the drinking age set at sixteen, you will find that a much younger crowd frequents the local bars. There are many bars to choose from, some have an older crowd, and others have younger crowds.

If you are looking for a dance club, you will want to head to the Blue Magic Discotheque. Here the doors open late and stay open to the early hours. There are great dance floors and a driving bass rhythm keeps you wanting to groove to the music.


As Targovishte is Bulgaria’s most active cultural area, you will find many fairs and presentations catering to your artistic eye. With orchestras, big bands, and choirs holding regular performances, you are guaranteed to have something to hear and see. The Traditional Spring Fair is held every May and should not be missed!